Passion is Required

For those who have a staff member, colleague or associate doing your company's social media, please choose wisely. This simple decision as to who handles your social media has a big impact on the results. 

What should you look for when choosing the right staff member?

  • Creativity - this is a must. Someone who can't delve into their spark can't really engage with an audience well.
  • Accountability - follow through is what is lacking for most companies on social media. Social media is a long-term investment, so if your staff member or teammate is just shy from a strong sense of follow up or follow through... then choose again.
  • Fun - can that person have some fun? If yes, then you can create company-centered content that reflects that joy. 
  • Passion - do they believe in your services or products? THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR. If they do not REALLY believe in you or your services, then it will come across everything they do for you. Passion behind your brand is a MUST. 

The biggest mistake I see companies make is not giving the employee they delegated social media tasks to enough time each week to do them efficiently. There is a learning curve to social media practices, and it can take up time to create a loyal following. Give them the time to do it, and you will be rewarded!