A New Spin on Selling...

We are so in the trap of manipulation or "fix it" marketing, "you're broke, so let me fix you with my services and products..." We all do it, but does it really work? Yes, sometimes, but there are tactics that work better. 

How do you sell the right way? My answer: by just stating the truth ... here's what I do and here's why I do it. This is how much it costs, and this is what it brings my customers. Simple, no tricks, no gimmicks. 

When you become clear, and more importantly, confident in your business, you will sell more. 

The difference is enormous!

"You should buy my social media services, because with out them, you will not be found by your target market or engage their interests. By not doing social media the right way, you could be turning people off to your brand by posting BAD content! You need my help, I can help you..."

vs. my truth...

"I am a social media consultant and manager, I love helping businesses, like yours, brand and engage people, because it creates wonderfully deep relationships that help spur word of mouth marketing. My clients enjoy the benefits of consistency, accuracy and seeing the real difference they can make in the world with social marketing."

Personally, I like the truth better... don't you?