Why You Might Need a Social Media Policy...

I am not asking you to get a HR professional involved, unless you have one on staff, but having a social media policy can protect your company's reputation or it can save you in a crisis. 

Here's a link of the best social media policies! Check them out, here. 

A few of my thoughts:

  1. Get employees on the same page on what is appropriate to share on their personal platforms about your company. Is there any sensitive information that needs to be protected?
  2. Let employees know that they are representing your brand even when they are off the clock. Let's stay away from controversial statements or inappropriate content going up on any social media channel. 
  3. Have a crisis communication plan in place! If something goes wrong on your social media platforms, have a procedure that your staff follow. Often in times of complaints, we tend to react and not respond. 
  4. Give a guideline about your tone, personality and voice. We all have a unique voice, so when we promote for a company on social media - that voice can vary. Establish a personality that everyone can reenact when reporting for your company. 

Here's a social media policy that works and was deemed lawful! Check it out.