Do You Have a Social Media Tribe?

A social media tribe is a group of your best fans. Not your business's fans, but your fans! These people are the first people you should invite to like or follow your business on any platform. They already are your biggest supporters, and you need them to help on social media, too.

We know that social consensus is a big deal on social media, once we see that a person or a business has a large following, we are more likely to follow them ourselves and believe they are a reputable or credible source. 

Here's your goal: Find 10 people that want to help you grow your business. Ask them to like, comment, share, retweet, follow and interact with your business on social media on a weekly basis. This will go a long way and help you build up your numbers! Remember to spread the love yourself for others, supporting others is another great way to support your numbers, too.