Time of Year to Review and Implement The New!

Some year-end questions to ask yourself about your organization's social media:

  1. Did I focus on a few key platforms and commit to posting them on a consistent basis? If the answer is yes, then great. If you answered no, then maybe it's time to simplify even further. Take your time and focus in on ONE or TWO platforms instead of three or four. 
  2. Was there any signs of growth on my key platforms? Growth can be interpreted many ways with social media. You can numerically grow your followers, but you can also grow with engagement. If your platforms didn't show any real signs of growth, the first place to look at is your content. Is it valuable? Would you follow and interact with you?
  3. Did you try something different, daring and fun this year with your social media? The answer should be OF COURSE! Your target market is using social media for fun, so your motives, content and strategy should reflect that. 
  4. What do I need to put in place to make my social media presence more effective? Do you need more time, what about content... or how about a dedicated staff member? If you have a desire to grow on social media, but are continually lacking the effort to follow through, get help. Don't remain helpless and put it off, you deserve to have support around your social strategies. 

Next month, I will be introducing the dreaded, but very useful, social media policy that every business should have. Happy evaluating and see you next year!